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 I thrive in rooms full of people who are not afraid to wrestle with hard questions and embrace practical, data-driven solutions.

To schedule a seminar or workshop, please contact me. 

Dehumanization and Homelessness 

  • What is dehumanization, why does it matter, and how can we work to eliminate it?

  • Failing to see the humanity in our unhoused neighbors leads to negative treatment and an unwillingness to help

  • The best of intentions, a complicated outcome: When efforts to humanize do not go as planned

  • A Seat at the Table: Eliminating power dynamics to promote a shared humanity

Parenting, Faith, and Family 

  • Faith in Action? Insights to reduce the disconnect between faithful intentions and passivity 

  • Science Engaged Theology: How Christians can embrace science for spiritual formation

  • Good vs. Evil? Cultivating moral character in children 

Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Attitudes are not everything. Why we need a more complex understanding of behavior in DEI trainings

  • Don't be silent: Publicly naming racial traumas is inclusive, not othering

  • Listen up: Cultivating ethnocultural empathy 

  • Unpacking the aftermath of police shootings: Racialized violence affects us all differently

  • It is in the air: Racial climate and well-being

Relationships, Personal Growth, and Well-being

  • How (not) to read minds: What we get wrong about others, even those we know best

  • How happiness happens: The good and bad news about how to be happier

  • Don't believe everything you think: Biases that thwart our mental health and well-being

  • Connecting to our future (healthier) selves

Judgments and Group Decision Making

  • Perception is (not) reality: Unpacking why we all see the world so differently 

  • When two heads are not better than one: How groups fail to make good decisions

  • Don't believe everything you think: Biases that thwart our judgment and decision making

  • The head and the heart: Give yourself permission to make better decisions

I am always adding to this list. Please reach out if you have questions about something you don't see here.

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